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"...we actually all basically fell in love with each other..."

30 Seconds to Mars in CD USA, Jared and Shannon interviewed.

30 Seconds to Mars Slash Quotes

30 Seconds to Mars in CD USA, Jared and Shannon interviewed.

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Del Rion illusion
I might get some words etc. wrong, here, but see the interview for yourselves... ;)

30 Seconds to Mars in CD USA, Jared and Shannon interviewed.

Interviewer talks about Mary J. Blige being engaged, then finding out in an interview that her man had just been in a same show, the previous week, and denied the whole thing.

Jared: I have a confession to make, as well. Judas dumped me a week before, and then denied it.
Interviewer: Are you feeling bad about that?
Jared: Not really. He wore me out, I’ve gotta tell you. The whole damn thing.
Shannon: (S)He hurt him hard.

Interviewer: You’ve dated some of the most incredible women. How do you get about that? Give me some advice here.
Jared: (Jared grasps the interviewer’s shoulder in not so un-friendly manner) Well, maybe one night you can come over for a cocktail, buddy, and we can… Talk things over. I am a persuasive man. I’ve got a copy of Brokeback Mountain at home.
Interviewer: Eeeeh… Awkward. (looks a bit freaked out, Shannon smiling wide)
Jared: And we can watch it together. (Shannon cracks up)
Interviewer: We are gonna move on from that, ladies.
Jared: Don’t believe what you read. Yeah, everybody knows that it’s a bunch of garbage. I’ve been dating my dog, Judas, for a number of years now. And that’s about it. But a… You know, there are magazines that tend to make sensational stories. Most of which are complete crap… But you know, sometimes they hit the nail in the head. (Jared is tapping his fingers against the interviewer’s leg) I am in a band, they got it right. It’s called 30 Seconds to Mars. (Shannon nodding) And yes, this isn’t actually my brother (Jared looks at Shannon), he is my live-in lover of so many years now.
Shannon: Yeah (looks somewhat proud)
Interviewer: Interesting.
(Jared says something on the back that I couldn’t catch, but probably something that it was now revealed here in the CD USA)

And for the lazy people who like to download: http://www.badongo.com/vid/408943
  • ha! i haven't seen this one.
  • i think i saw that one, but wasnt sure if jared had actually called shannon his "living lover" --- thank you for confirming. :)
    • Hehe, well, that's what I got out of the interview... But I still might be wrong :D As English is not my native language and all that... ;) But unless someone sets us straight, let it be decided he said that *nod*
      • It's actually "live-in" lover. As in they live together, which they do. *smirk*

        That was a great interview.
    • Live-in... okies. I will fix that ;) I am just not familiar with the term, so that caused this little error :)
    • Ohh! Jared & Shan live together? How cute & sweet! Didn't all four of them live together at one time?
      • Oh, they live together ;) I don't remember if the guys crashed in each other's places, back in the days, but Jared shares a house in LA with his bro nowadays, that I know for sure ;)
      • A recent interview (last month or so) was with Jared in his new house. He and Shannon were living there. With all the traveling, they'd barely moved in. Their gold record was sitting on the floor leaning up against the wall. Apparently this is the first house he (they?) bought, rather than rented.

        I had heard that they all lived together at one time. Not sure if it was true or not. But I imagine being a married man, Matt probably wants his own space.
        • Would you happen to know if that video is on youtube? I would love to see it! (I just got into the band and finding out they live together makes me smile!)
          • Neither reference was in a video interview.

            The part about Jared's new house was a print interview in Blender Magazine. Here are some scans of the magazine.

            The part about them living together was in a radio interview. Download link. They lived together, or practically lived together in LA. Jared also got a house when he was filming "Lord of War" in South Africa. They recorded 3 songs off of ABL there.

            Our icons fit well together. *g* In mine Jared is pointing out something to Shannon and in yours Shannon is pointing out something to Jared.
            • Oh I see!

              Thank you very much for the scans!

              Thank you very much for the download of the interview! Wow...that's really cool! I hate to ask, but how do you keep up with the band? I don't really know anything but I want to learn more! Of course, I should look things up on my own. I found a few sites with at least scans, but they've gone down or are under renovation at the moment. I would love any website recommendations you might have! Sorry for being such a bother, I know it's not your job to point new fans in any direction.

              They do! I think they're the sweetest pair of brothers I have ever seen. I mean, they just get along so well!
              • You're welcome.

                Oh, I love to talk about the band (or Jared's "other" career), so feel free to ask anything you like. I've been following them for almost two years now so I've accumulated lots of tidbits.

                I think they're the sweetest pair of brothers I have ever seen. I mean, they just get along so well!

                Yeah, there is something special about the Leto brothers. Most people grow up and are happy to no longer see their siblings on a daily basis. Jared and Shannon are not only brothers, they are best friends. 30STM really is their shared vision.

                As for websites and the like, there is always the band's webpage, myspace page, and the official message board. If you haven't ventured onto the official boards, just know they get a bit vicious at times. That's just how they are. Don't let them scare you off. I mostly lurk on the boards.

                As for LJ communities, 30secondstomars and 30stmdaily probably have the most information about what's happening right now. If you're interested in the symbology and iconography of 30STM, I'd suggest ghanisquest.

                Feel free to look through the list of communities in my profile. Quite a few of them of them are 30STM related, including some slash groups. (Since this community has a slashy bent, I assume you're ok with that.) Believe it or not, I've learned true facts about the boys in slash fics.

                The only independent websites I can think of at the moment are Battle of One and j-l.org. Provehitoinaltum.com used to be a great place for videos, but they seemed to have gone away.

                And "Welcome to the Universe". Like Jared says, we're all family.
  • LMAO this is one of my faves. They're so bad...I LOVE EET!
  • okay, i finally got to watch it. jared says "live-in lover" not "living". :P
  • Lol!! This is now one of my favourite interviews ever. I laughed way too hard!
    Thank you for this!!
    Much love.
  • Thanks for posting this! I have it saved somewhere, but can't find it. I laughed so hard the first time I saw this! The look on the interviewer's face when Jared was 'hitting' on him was priceless. And I get the feeling he was dead serious too. Which of course, just made it that much funnier! Jared can be so wicked sometimes!!

    • Jared is a persuasive man (who has a copy of Brokeback Mountain at home....) *giggles* I wonder if that's true? It might be just part of the show, but.... Let's ask Shannon! He kinda lives there, too... *cough*

      Yeah, the poor interviewer, especially if this little thingie like "Jared Leto getting personal with him" wasn't planned XD
  • Ooohh, I love that interview. And I can never help to think, that Jared gave the interviewer a good answer right there, aside from all the slashy ideas he put in our heads.

    a) Many women like men, who are comfortable touching other men and secure in their own sexuality. Communities like this are proof of that. The interviewer getting all squeamish does make him less attractive instead of more.

    b) Women appreciate men, who don't kiss and tell, especially in public. Asking another guy on a tv show about his best pickup-lines is inappropriate. But deflecting such questions with humor is good.

    Too bad, the interviewer didn't get it.


  • Ive never seen this before XD has anyone got a link for it?
  • (no subject) - blaqkinkstyle18
    • Re: Oh...

      You're welcome :P Do not completely count on this commentary, though, since my English isn't that good at best ^^
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