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"...we actually all basically fell in love with each other..."

Eric: Do you think you've gotten past the skepticism? Jared:…

30 Seconds to Mars Slash Quotes

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Eric: Do you think you've gotten past the skepticism?

Jared: Not many people saw WKRP in Cincinnati: The New Years and Matt was not only terrific on the show…

Matt: Thank you.

Jared: But his consistency as an actor has really helped us as a band. His work as a dramatist has only made us stronger. I mean when he played Lenny the 47-year old transvestite in the off-Broadway "Piggy Wiggy on my Diggy Shniggy Piggy (laughs all around)… I got no Piggy… (laughs all around)

Matt: People ask me a lot about that one.

Jared: The fact that he could grow a goatee…

(Matt's cell phone goes off again)

Tomo: OH MY GOD!

Jared: The fact that he could grow a goatee and breasts, I thought he deserved a Tony.

Matt: (smiling) I thought I deserved an Academy Award.

Jared: But instead he got some guy named Fred in a bar on 32nd street. (In a gay voice) He'll do just fine. (back to normal) Oh god I shouldn't drink caffeine before interviews.

Matt: (laughing) I love you like this! I gotta say.

Jared: And all I had was that little bit (points to his Starbucks cup that only ¼ of it has been drunk)

And then later on...

Erin: So, what's the best part about being in 30 Seconds to Mars?

Tomo: The best part is that we get to do it. That's the best part.

Matt: Same for me. The fact that I get to share a bunk with Tomo.

The interview's really funny, despite a serious lack of Shannon, a caffiene hyped Jared almost but not quite makes up for it


  • HEHEHEHE...naughty boys...I LOVE EET!
  • They just really are too adorable! And Matt talking about sharing a bunk with Tomo! *dies*
    On a different note, as someone who has loved U2 since the 80's, it just thrills me beyond words to see that the Mars guys are fans too. That part warranted an extra 'squee'! Thanks for posting this!
    • They are adorable, and I love caffienated Letos but Matt really needs to turn his phone off during interviews.
      Shannon in particular has said in past interviews (though I can't name any) that he likes early U2 music.
      • Letos & caffeine ... that's just scary! Cute, but scary! Matt & his phone=much giggling. I remember now that I've read at least two other interviews where Shannon mentions being a U2 fan. In one, I know he says that U2 is a band he would love to tour with or play with or something like that. That would be my ultimate concert - Mars & U2 in the same night! Wow.
        • Yes, Matt and the phone was cute. Him and Jared on the phone was cute. Though wonder who was texting him and pissing Tomo off.
          Yeah, I´m pretty sure I´ve heard Shannon say something like that. Mars & U2, that would def. be interesting.
  • LOL

    These interviews should come with a spew warning. Scratch that. These guys should come with a warning period.

    Thanks for posting this.

    • Spew warning? Why a spew warning? Well I suppose there is an excessive amount of chutney in it...

      I'm sure there is a warning on these guys if we care to search properly :D
      • Why a spew warning?
        Spew warning means, don't eat or drink anything while reading this interview, or you might spew it over your keyboard, when you burst out laughing.

        Oh, we should definitely take a very close look at the guys, to find that waarning. And I'm sure, there are many volunteers for that task. :o)

        • Ah I understad, please forgive my stupidity.

          • Sorry for replying so late.

            There is nothing to forgive and not knowing something has nothing to do with stupidity. :o)

            I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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