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"...we actually all basically fell in love with each other..."

Eric: Do you think you've gotten past the skepticism? Jared:…

30 Seconds to Mars Slash Quotes

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Eric: Do you think you've gotten past the skepticism?

Jared: Not many people saw WKRP in Cincinnati: The New Years and Matt was not only terrific on the show…

Matt: Thank you.

Jared: But his consistency as an actor has really helped us as a band. His work as a dramatist has only made us stronger. I mean when he played Lenny the 47-year old transvestite in the off-Broadway "Piggy Wiggy on my Diggy Shniggy Piggy (laughs all around)… I got no Piggy… (laughs all around)

Matt: People ask me a lot about that one.

Jared: The fact that he could grow a goatee…

(Matt's cell phone goes off again)

Tomo: OH MY GOD!

Jared: The fact that he could grow a goatee and breasts, I thought he deserved a Tony.

Matt: (smiling) I thought I deserved an Academy Award.

Jared: But instead he got some guy named Fred in a bar on 32nd street. (In a gay voice) He'll do just fine. (back to normal) Oh god I shouldn't drink caffeine before interviews.

Matt: (laughing) I love you like this! I gotta say.

Jared: And all I had was that little bit (points to his Starbucks cup that only ¼ of it has been drunk)

And then later on...

Erin: So, what's the best part about being in 30 Seconds to Mars?

Tomo: The best part is that we get to do it. That's the best part.

Matt: Same for me. The fact that I get to share a bunk with Tomo.

The interview's really funny, despite a serious lack of Shannon, a caffiene hyped Jared almost but not quite makes up for it


  • They are adorable, and I love caffienated Letos but Matt really needs to turn his phone off during interviews.
    Shannon in particular has said in past interviews (though I can't name any) that he likes early U2 music.
    • Letos & caffeine ... that's just scary! Cute, but scary! Matt & his phone=much giggling. I remember now that I've read at least two other interviews where Shannon mentions being a U2 fan. In one, I know he says that U2 is a band he would love to tour with or play with or something like that. That would be my ultimate concert - Mars & U2 in the same night! Wow.
      • Yes, Matt and the phone was cute. Him and Jared on the phone was cute. Though wonder who was texting him and pissing Tomo off.
        Yeah, I´m pretty sure I´ve heard Shannon say something like that. Mars & U2, that would def. be interesting.
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