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"...we actually all basically fell in love with each other..."

Band on Teen People interview

30 Seconds to Mars Slash Quotes

Band on Teen People interview

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Del Rion illusion
In the case this isn't already posted/quoted/etc...

See the best (slashy) part of the vid near the end of it, when a phone starts ringing.

(And note how cutely Matt sings "happy birthday"! aww <3)

  • LMFAO!! Ive never seen the end part when he said "she said your f-ing annoying" XD
    • Did Jared really say that? :D I've watched it like dozen and ten more times, and never really made out what he said in the end *gonna watch it again*
    • "are you acting annoying" ... that's about what I hear (now that you pointed out the word "annoying" :S who the hell cut that interview at such a spot? *wants the original*)
      • I think its "f-ing" cause he calls her a potty mouth but idk x)
        • Well, it's all about love XD

          Should we send Jared a letter and ask? *thinks*
          • LOL

            "Dear Jared,

            What did you say at the end of the teen people interview?




            • Nice.... a few more xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo's and he'll definitely answer (as I've learned, "xo" is a mark of how much someone loves you/cares about you.... am I the only one whom that statement makes, like, sick? XD)
  • Actually, I always understand: Are you effing annoying?
    • Aww, is Jared trying to conceal a possible f-word? 0.0

      Wow. (that would be the first time, after all XD unless it was a precise quote...)
      • Pha, as if Mr. If-I-don't-curse-at-least-five-times-a-minute-I-will-explode would ever conceal is favorite word.

        I always wonder what would happen if you steal his "F" and while you on it his "u", "c" and "k". The man would die an instant death...I swear to god!
        • Poor Jared, yes! But it usually seems that when he is doing something "official" which goes on tape etc., he doesn't swear all that much. So he has at least slight control over it! Let's hope he keeps hanging on that small fraction of hope! :P
  • Umm.

    He said: "She c- She said "Oh you're f-ing annoying" "
  • i love this one (:
    shannon quite giggles.
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