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"...we actually all basically fell in love with each other..."

Quotes from the MTV News Raw Interview

30 Seconds to Mars Slash Quotes

Quotes from the MTV News Raw Interview

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Hey there, I'm a former lurker who came in from the cold not too long ago. Thought I would post a few quotes from my current favorite interview with the fellas. Enjoy :)

First of all, I must say that the guys are in fine form during this interview. Even if Jared did sound like he had a bit of a cold. Did that stop him from doing most of the talking? Never. Good night, he was coughing and going hoarse but he just kept on going! Hahahaha, you gotta love him though, he's such a nut.

Anyhoo, onto the quotes, from the MTV News Raw Interview:

Jared: I think in a lot of ways this record was, was basically just a collection of songs that represented a period of life. Ah, a period of our lives and it was an incredible time. When we think about the making of the record there are a lot of amazing memories of Matt and I walking down the beach. I had this giant, ah, this andalusion, Spanish horse that I had won in a casino in Monte Carlo. (Jared turns to Matt smiling) And, he loved that damn horse.

Matt: *sounding a bit emotional, whispering* I did.

Jared: Don't be a whimp.

Matt: It went to a glue factory, we'll never see that horse again.

(concerning the addition of Matt and Tomo to the group)

Jared: It changed some things, the dynamic, but ultimately it was, you know, a lot didn't change. It was 30 Seconds to Mars and it was kinda like they had always been here. They helped me and Shannon achieve a lot of our goals of what we wanted to accomplish out of this record and I would like to think that we helped them as well.

Shannon: True dat.

Matt: Absolutely.

Tomo: Indeed.

Jared: Liar!

Tomo: Yeah.

Matt: Hence the record is called "A Beautiful Lie" because I just lied my face off! *goofy laugh*

Shannon: And you're beautiful!

There is so much more to this interview. It cracks me up every time. So, consider those quotes a teaser because I'm including a link to the interview on youtube as well.

It's an interview in three parts, enjoy!


Part 2

Part 3

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